Denmark’s Sinne Eeg is singing for U.S. jazz fans | KNKX

Denmark’s Sinne Eeg is singing for U.S. jazz fans

Mar 14, 2019

With her recent debut at Jazz Alley nearly selling out, there’s no doubt that Danish jazz singer Sinne Eeg is gradually growing her fanbase in the United States.

A frequent award winner across Europe, Eeg possesses impeccable technique, a musician’s ear, a talent for songwriting and an enviable natural singing gift. For those Americans in the know, like KNKX listeners, she’s already arrived.

Eeg noted that catching on in the States might be easier than crossing over from Denmark to Italy, France, Germany and the rest of Europe due to our common language. To be sure, the word on Sinne Eeg is getting out especially quick among American jazz musicians. Her latest album, "Dreams," included New York-based stars Larry Koonse, Scott Colley and Joey Baron on guitar, bass and drums. Despite limited rehearsal time, they sound like a regular working band throughout.

Live in the KNKX studios for a second visit, Eeg formed an intimate musical duet with guitarist Peter Sprague from Los Angeles. Performing an original song from her 2012 album, "The Beauty of Sadness," and a pair of old chestnuts, she delivers each as though it were brand new. Her voice is an impressive instrument, and Eeg’s skills as an improviser are reminiscent of top-tier instrumentalists.

Eeg’s next recording is nearly complete, as she told us excitedly. She performs in collaboration with one of the world’s top jazz orchestras, and they happen to make their home just down the road from her. The highly regarded Danish Radio Big Band was established more than 50 years ago, and employs some of Europe’s finest musicians. Their recent holiday album, "Jazzin’ Around Christmas," featured Eeg as a guest vocalist, and she’s over the moon to work with the band on her own material.

I’m excited to hear whatever Sinne Eeg comes up with next, and I know her fans around here will make tickets to see her on her next trip to Puget Sound even harder to find. Keep your ears open!