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A Clever Gift Idea For Cooks

Dec 12, 2012

It's not the three cookbooks pictured above, though Nancy really loves them and recommends them swooningly and from a great height.  Nope, this is an enjoyable DIY project.  Click "Listen" and all will be revealed.  Now let's talk about saffron,

I'm just wild about saffron

But not the price, which is said to be more costly than gold.  I don't know if that's precisely true but it's close enough.   Saffron is very labor-intensive to harvest.

Saffron is made from the stigmas of the crocus sativus.  With just three of those little threads per flower it takes between  50 and 75 thousand of them to make just one  pound of saffron.  And each one of those teeny little threads must be extracted by hand.  So next fall I'll be the guy out in the garden with magnifying goggles and tweezers.  But I'll have grown my own saffron -- cool!

"A man who is stingy with saffron is capable of seducing his own grandmother."

– Norman Douglas