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A Blind Sailor Who Wants To Be His Own Captain

Jun 23, 2018


This story originally aired on September 9, 2017.

Mohamed Farid loves the water. He’s been drawn to it ever since he was a little boy. He started sailing small boats when he was in his twenties in Dubai. These smaller vessels capsize easily. Since he was sailing in the warm waters of the Persian Gulf, this was not a problem.


But, since moving to Seattle a little over a year ago, Mohamed decided to learn how to captain bigger keelboats. These boasts are nearly impossible to flip over-which is what you want in chilly Northwest waters. Mohamed registered for sailing classes and passed the exams with ease.


However, the sailing club made an unusual request. They told Mohamed that they would prefer it if he always had another certified sailor with him whenever he went sailing.


Mohamed is legally blind. He understands the club is trying to keep him safe, but Mohamed is determined to prove he doesn't need another certified sailor on board.


"When I'm told I cannot do it, it's gonna make me want something more. I just don't like, basically, hearing 'no' for an answer," says Mohamed.


Mohamed says he'd be just fine with another person on board who doesn't know how to sail, but can see and warn him of potential obstacles.


Sound Effect contributor Hebah Fisher joined Mohamed to learn what it means to sail without your eyes.