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A Bike Ride Gives You A Slower, Sweeter Perspective

Jun 21, 2018

On our weekly travel segment “Going Places,” we often talk about ways to slow down while you travel. One way is by seeing your destination from a bicycle, instead of a car or bus.

Lynn DiBenedetto, of Bainbridge Island, has led bike trips domestically and overseas. She spoke with KNKX travel expert Matthew Brumley about some of her favorite spots, near and far.

Favorite Place in Washington - Near Snoqualmie: “The whole … area is riddled with excellent, sticky, single-track. Huge, tall trees you can barely see through. It’s magnificent mountain biking up here. I haven’t been able to get enough.”

Favorite Domestic Trip - Asheville, North Carolina: “Being on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and having massive trees over the top, and huge rolling views, infinite climbs and steep descents – it’s incredible. You can be there for one day and feel you’ve had the best bike trip of your life, or you can stay three or four weeks. There’s an infinite amount of biking there.”

Favorite Foreign Trip – Southern Spain: “You go sweeping through olive fields and orange groves, and everything’s white-washed, and the smell of the earth is different there than it is here. Even before you get the sweeping views over water and blue and – oh, it’s fantastic.”


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