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Asian Tofu cookbook a Nguyen/Nguyen deal

Sep 26, 2012

This week's Food for Thought is part two of our chat with Andrea Nguyen, author of the terrific new cookbook Asian Tofu, hence the dreadful pun above. Nancy and I usually get a fair number of comments to our Food for Thoughts post. But last week's Part One brought this response.  So it's time to walk on the wild side.

Tofu Chicharrones

Drop by the nearest Asian market and pick up a package of dried tofu skins, pictured above. Then break off little pieces and deep fry them. They come out a lot like fried pork rinds.  Shake on a little  chili powder and gobble 'em down. Rinse with your favorite brew. Repeat.

No more Mr. Tofu Missionary

Okay, that's it. As I write this KPLU's Grooveyard/Weekend Edition host and tofu denier Kevin Kniestedt is accusing me of being a pawn of the International Tofu Cartel. Do yourself a favor and forget your past bad dates with hippie tofu. Try it in its true, Asian context as laid out in Andrea's tofubulous Asian Tofu. I think you'll change your mind. If not, all the more for me.

Though the quote below is only partially true I was desperate for one and Dave's is pretty funny.

"Tofu is a vampire.  It needs other food to suck the flavor out of."

– KPLU All Things Considered host Dave Meyer