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And the Haiku Contest Winnahs Are...!

Aug 28, 2013

Thanks to all who contributed an amazing 481 haiku to the contest. There were so many clever and inventive entries that Nancy and I are gladder than ever that we didn’t have to judge. But you did.

Here are the top three:

Mike Yanega, 2nd Runner-up, $50 Uwajimaya gift certificate

My mother is gone.

I have her recipes now.

Her love still feeds me.

Stephanie Fisher, 1st Runner-up, $100 Uwajimaya gift certificate

Goddess in the tree.

Savory sweet your fate mine

Juicy plum I eat.

Jody Dills, 1st Place, $200 Uwajimaya gift certificate

My pomegranate

Embraces your persimmon.

Lettuce rap our love.

This was really fun. Next time, Limericks.  Nancy says her favorite begins with a mention of “Boston, Mass.” What a coincidence.  Mine starts “There once was a man from Grant’s Pass” but I think that’s about as far we need to go in this space.

“I have been up against tough competition all my life.  I wouldn’t know how to get along without it.”

–Walt Disney