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After A Busy Seattle Life, Moving To Sicily For Food, Friends And Conversation

Aug 3, 2017

We’ve all seen the books: An author picks up and moves to Europe, simple as that, rediscovers himself or herself, and then, after the book is out … so are they.

Maria Cannavo, on the other hand, moved to Sicily about a dozen years ago and is still there. She spoke with Earthbound Expeditions co-founder Danna Brumley about why she stayed:

“It was always in my mind and it was certainly always in my heart,” Cannavo said.

In 2000, her family rented a villa in Tuscany. A good visit, she said, though not her first. But Italy really grabbed her.

“As soon as I put my foot on the soil, I knew I was home,” she said.

When she returned to Seattle, she took Italian lessons and then made the move. She looked to her family heritage -- Sicilian roots -- for guidance on where to go, and she's been in Sicily ever since.

Today, she's a local guide leading visitors through Sicily. She occasionally works for Earthbound Expeditions. And life in Sicily, she says, is a lot different than what she experienced each day in Seattle.

“I’m not getting up as early as I did. I’m not putting a suit on and coming home and being so tired,” she said. “It is a quieter life, a more pure life. Less complicated. Priorities are just really what make sense to me: Family, food, conversation.”


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