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Episode 22: The Race for a Vaccine

Adrian Florez

It’s been more than five months since the nation’s first novel coronavirus death happened, right here in the Seattle area.

Now, more than 100 vaccine candidates are being developed, and dozens have entered the human-trial stage. But they’re likely still a long way off from mass production and distribution.

In this episode of Transmission, host Gabriel Spitzer and producer Jennifer Wing discuss how the RNA vaccine works and why some elements of vaccine development are going so much more quickly than usual.

And we meet Larry Corey, who is coordinating all the major vaccine trials nationwide. He explains how the effort works behind the scenes.  

“The press likes to call this a race,” Corey says. “If it is a race, it’s a race against time for us as a country.”

But at the end of this race, he stresses, we’re all winners.

“There’s no one vaccine that can be manufactured in a short period of time that would be given to everybody.”

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