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Connection: Sound Effect, Episode 190

Adrian Florez

The theme of this week’s Sound Effect is “Connection.” But it’s even deeper than that: Everything we do at KNKX Public Radio centers on connecting with listeners and linking listeners with each other. And we’re only able to do that because of your support.

On this special Fall Fund Drive edition of Sound Effect, we feature stories that are all about connections. First, we follow a Seattle baseball team inside the walls of San Quentin State Prison in California. Then, we revisit an award-winning story about a homeless man who helped a writer overcome his fear of the woods. Finally, a woman’s faith in humanity is restored aboard a public bus — then again in our studio.

We’re only able to make connections like this because of your support. We’re asking people to visit or call 877-NPR-KNKX to donate today and continue sustaining unique programming that serves as the connective tissue for diverse communities across the region. Help us meet our $500,000 goal now.

Kari Plog is a former KNKX reporter who covered the people and systems in Pierce, Thurston and Kitsap counties, with an emphasis on police accountability.