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How A Woman Tried To Stop Her Biological Clock By Freezing Her Eggs

Courtesy Marin Landis
(From left to right) Dr. Julie Lamb, Marin Landis and Dr. Nikki Goldstein.


This story originally aired on October 7, 2017.

They say that age is nothing but a number. But for women looking to conceive, age is one of the primary factors to determines that chance at success.

That is why women hoping to have children later in life are looking at an increasingly popular method -- freezing their eggs.

Marin Landis is one of those women. At the age of 36 her fertility was on the decline and she was feeling pressure to figure out some way to have a baby. Freezing her eggs became a way for Landis to take off some of the stress while also planning for her future.

But even with this back-up plan she is faced with the question: when is it too late to become a mother?

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