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Super Sperm Donor Meets Newborn Daughter, Then Has To Let Her Go

Zappy Technology Solutions / Flickr


Wolfe wanted children. But when he went to a sperm donor clinic, he didn’t expect that he’d end up with seventeen.


After an extensive judging process, Wolfe wasn’t sure if he’d even be selected.


“This was more like trying out for NASA,” Wolfe said. “They did extensive blood work. They looked at my family history going back multiple generations. They looked at any kind of genetic abnormalities. They had me on a treadmill jumping around.”


After a few years, he went to see the director who handed him an envelope with the contact information of one of the mothers who was about to have his child. The director said it was his decision about whether he wanted to contact her or not.


They met at a Starbucks in Seattle, where Wolfe got to cradle one of his biological daughters in his arms. The mother offered to meet up once a quarter so Wolfe could watch her grow.


So he did. He interacted and played with her. But as she got older, Wolfe realized that she would soon begin to ask questions about him. Difficult questions that he wasn’t ready to answer.


That realization led to a difficult decision that he had to make in the best interest of his daughter.

Gabriel Spitzer is the Host and Senior Producer of Sound Effect, KNKX's "weekly tour of ideas inspired by the place we live." Gabriel was previously KNKX's Science and Health Reporter. He joined KNKX after years covering science, health and the environment at WBEZ in Chicago. There, he created the award-winning mini-show, Clever Apes. Having also lived in Alaska and California, Gabriel feels he’s been closing in on Seattle for some time, and has finally landed on the bullseye.