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'I was the only black girl there': Two big-city women find solace in glimpses of nature

Faith Fountain
Rasheena Fountain and Tiffany Adams

Rasheena Fountain and Tiffany Adams met at Antioch University in Seattle, where they were both working on their masters degrees.

Rasheena, who grew up on the west side of Chicago, and Tiffany, originally from downtown New York, quickly found they had a shared interest in nature.

Before long, they were helping each other: Tiffany encouraged Rasheena’s newfound love of birding, and Rasheena cheered Tiffany on in her studies.

That support was important, considering that birding is not the most obvious passion for a young African American woman from a big city. Even their families were a bit perplexed.

They sat down together for a conversation in our studio about finding meaning in urban nature, and finding a place for themselves in the world of nature enthusiasts.

Lazuli Bunting audiocourtesy of xeno-canto, Creative Commons.

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