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City Slickers: Sound Effect, Episode 141

This week on Sound Effect, urban dwellers try to make it in the country, and a little bit of nature takes root in the city. 

We begin in the last large-animal farmwithin the city of Seattle, atop a chestnut mare named Star, as host Gabriel Spitzer gets a ride and a history lesson. Then we hear how a couple of sophisticated urban poodlesbecame the talk of the town in rural central Washington. We hear a conversation between two birding enthusiastsabout finding a place for themselves as black women from big cities among nature-lovers. We learn why if you pay close attention to the signs that dot the urban landscape, you might be rewarded with a surprise. Then a reporter recounts the tale of how a religious sect built its own metropolis in the middle of the Oregon desert, and we ride the rails in search of enlightenment with John Roderick.