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Some Of Our Favorites: Sound Effect, Episode 139

Our 2018 spring fund drive is underway, and Sound Effect wouldn't exist without the generous support of listeners like you. To make a pledge, click here. For our pledge drive show, we decided to take a look back at some stories that stuck with us throughout the years. First, Jennifer Wing heads to Burien, where people hire Michael McAndrews to come to their events, usually funerals, where he’ll send off a flock of white doves in dramatic fashion. Then we turn our sights to the sky for a conversation with exoplanet expert Dr. Sarah Ballard. Ballard and host Gabriel Spitzer discuss the Title IX case against famous astronomer Geoff Marcy and Ballard's struggle with harassment and her decision to go public. And finally, Sound Effect’s Kevin Kniestedt talks to singer Lydia Ramsey about how she incorporates the ghosts of her musical family into her songwriting, followed by a performance. This, and other performances recorded for Sound Effect are available as a thank you gift for making a pledge by clicking here.

"Sound Effect" is your weekly tour of ideas, inspired by the place we live. The show is hosted by 88.5's Gabriel Spitzer.

Kevin Kniestedt is a journalist, host and producer who began his career at KNKX in 2003. Over his 17 years with the station, he worked as a full time jazz host, a news host and produced the weekly show Sound Effect. Kevin has conducted or produced hundreds of interviews, has won local and national awards for newscasts and commentary.