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Into The Woods: Sound Effect, Episode 108


This show originally aired on June 3, 2017.

This week on Sound Effect, we tell stories from amongst the trees.

Theater In The Woods

The Kitsap Forest Theater is one of the oldest outdoor theaters in the country. Tucked in the woods outside of Bremerton, performances have been held here every single year for 93 years, except for a couple of years during World War II.

Rehabilitation From Technology

In countries like China and South Korea, internet and video game addictions are seen as a major public health threat capable of ruining lives. But here in the United States, just two or three centers in the whole country are devoted to treating this issue, which psychology doesn’t officially recognize as an addiction. One of these centers is just about an hour’s drive from Seattle. And 88.5’s Will James reports the treatment involves leaving the modern world behind.

The Oak Street Reporter

And about six months ago, a new news outlet sprung up on a quiet street in Portland. A bevvy of young reporters, Cian McKeown, Anmol Patel, and Sita Niemann, started charging into the woods at top speed.

I’m Headed To Arkansas

David Schumer grew up in the suburbs of Detroit in an upper-middle-class Jewish family. He says he spent his life trying to escape the suburbs. And at 24 years old, he made a big move. He retreated into the woods of northern Arkansas - the Ozarks. He wasn’t alone; other out-of-the-box thinkers and long-haired hippies were doing the same thing.

The Water Bottle

Sound Effect host Jennifer Wing’s husband George lost his water bottle in the woods several years ago. But through a very strange and storied adventure, the water bottle found its way back to George.

Sound Effect is your weekly tour of ideas, inspired by the place we live. The show is hosted by KNKX's Gabriel Spitzer.