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Passing The Torch: Sound Effect, Episode 115

This week on Sound Effect, stories of passing the torch.

This week on Sound Effect, we hear stories of what it means to pass down old tales, traditions, businesses and music to the next generation.

Holding The Heat Of The Sun

South Seattle College welding student Stephanie Ostoman loves working with hot flames and steel. Sound Effect's Jennifer Wing talks with Ostoman about her career and what it's like to hold a welding torch.

The Fruit Lady

Sharon Maeda's grandfather passed down a value of service and helping others. When Maeda thinks back on her grandfather, she remembers going with him into the community to deliver fruit to strangers. Sound Effect contributor Yuko Kodama shares why Maeda continues her grandfather's legacy. 

Addicted To Whiteness

Seattle journalist Marcus Harrison Green says people of color tend to be responsible for talking about racism. But what does it look like when white people talk to each other about race? To explore this question he wrote a play called "Caucasians Anonymous." KNKX reporter Simone Alicea sits down with Green to discusshow he was inspired to pass the torch on the conversation about racism to white America.

Never Forget

After World War II, when millions of Jews and other groups were murdered by the Nazis, the world made a promise: Never forget. But soon, the generation that remembers the tragedies firsthand will be gone. So now the torch is being passed to a new generation, who will take on the responsibility to keep the survivors’ stories alive. Kirkland resident Michal Lotzkar shares how she carries on her father's story of surviving the holocaust.

A Musical Homage

Although born female, Northwest jazz musician and bandleader Billy Tipton lived out his professional and personal life as a man. While we don't know the details behind Billy's choice, another musician, Seattle saxophonist Amy Denio found it compelling enough to pass on the story. Sound Effect contributor Monica Spain talks with Denio about why she honors Billy with her band The Tiptons Sax Quartet. 

The Family Farm

For many long time farming families, it is important to keep the family business in the family. But when Bill Goeres passed away, his land went to his beloved employee Jose Torres. Bill's widow, Jenny, explains how he became a part of the family and why it was important for Bill to pass the land on to Jose. 

Sound Effect is your weekly tour of ideas, inspired by the place we live. The show is hosted by KNKX's Gabriel Spitzer