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Risk And Reward: Sound Effect, Episode 85

This week on Sound Effect, stories of risks and rewards.


This week on Sound Effect, we tell stories of risks and rewards and why people make the decision to take the leap. 

Up, Up And Away

Astronaut Wendy Lawrence knows the risks and rewards of space travel very well. She remembers what it was like to travel into space on the first mission after the space shuttle Columbia exploded while returning to Earth, killing all seven crew members back in 2003.

Stardew Valley

After graduating college with a computer science degree, Eric Barone could have gotten any number of well-paying jobs. Instead, he chose to live in his parent's basement, toiling away on a video game. He explains why it was worth the risk

Google Me

Sound Effect producer Kevin Kniestedt ran into pop star Justin Bieber at a small town bar in Washington state this summer. He tells the story of what kept him from punching out this controversial celebrity. 

A Wounded Seahawk

Professional football is one of the most dangerous and popular sports in America. Former Seahawk player Ricardo Lockette talks about the injury that almost killed him on the field. 

Sebastian And The Deep Blue

Local music group Sebastian and The Deep Blue are hard to pin down when it comes to a musical genre. They stopped by the studio to talk about taking creative risks and to perform their original song "Risk Reward."

Sound Effect is your weekly tour of ideas, inspired by the place we live. The show is hosted by knkx's Jennifer Wing.