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Dream Big: Sound Effect, Episode 78

Ken Bosma/Flickr

This week on Sound Effect, we dream big. We bring you stories from people who dared to dream, and take a look at their successes, failures, and their respective roads ahead.

Charlie And The Rays

We meet the musicians of a local band that just released their first record. While some members of the band are too young to patronize the establishments they perform in, that hasn't stopped them from having big hopes for the future.

Giant Lava Lamp

In the small town of Soap Lake, town elders have big dreams of creating a 65-foot tall lava lamp. As you might imagine, this is not without it's complications. From technical issues to fights over trademark issues, it seems like every attempt to make this happened has been thwarted. But the townspeople refuse to give up.

Dreams of Mars

When she was younger, Melissa Rice had dreams of being a ballerina. But in high school, astronomy class changed all of that. Rice is now a professor of planetary science at Western Washington University, and now has a dream even bigger than dancing on a stage in New York City. She is searching for signs of life on Mars.

Picker's Crown Jewel

Sean and Ricki McEvoy are professional pickers. They hunt bargain bins at Goodwill outlets to find vintage clothing to resell. Every picker has a dream of finding that one item that will make a ton of money. For Sean and Ricki, that dream came true when they found out that a sweater they purchased for 58 cents belonged to the most famous coach in the history of football.

A Dream Of A Museum That 'Rocks'

Lots of people have collections of things. Some might even be extravagant. And most collectors have a lot of pride in their finds. But for one man who has traveled the earth to find rare, precious rocks, his dream is to open a museum to share his collection with everyone.

Tree Hunter

When we talk about dreaming big, there are metaphorical big dreams, and then there are literal big dreams. And it doesn't get much bigger than the biggest trees. Mik Miazio is an arborist who helps keep track of the tallest trees of each species in a national registry. And this involves climbing to some very high heights.

Sound Effect is your weekly tour of ideas, inspired by the place we live. The show is hosted by KPLU's Jennifer Wing.