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A Legal Journey for Spiritual Enlightenment in Elbe, Washington

Warren Langford
Marc Shackman and Gabriel Spitzer in Elbe

Nestled in the shadow of Mt. Rainier; Elbe, Washington is home to train car hotels with signs welcoming tourists hoping to bask in the glory of the mountain.


But Elbe will soon become a different kind of tourist destination, one that caters to those seeking spiritual enlightenment by way of hallucinogenic substances.


A church that offers its visitors the extremely hallucinogenic ayahuasca tea is about to open there, and it’s the first of its kind in America.


Marc Shackman is the church's co-founder and a shamanic guide at the retreat. He gave Gabriel Spitzer a tour of the land and they talked about why it’s legal, and what to expect when you take ayahuasca.


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