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Joey Cohn Gives An Update On The KPLU Fundraising Campaign

Gabriel Spitzer sits down with KPLU’s General Manager Joey Cohn for an update on where KPLU stands with fundraising, but not before discovering that Joey's long broadcast career includes a stint as a "VJ" for a local MTV-wannabe TV station in Arizona. While that station is long-gone and probably little-mourned, Cohn and Spitzer talk about how KPLU is a unique asset to our community and is worth saving.


With $7 million needed for community members to acquire KPLU's licenses and keep it from disappearing, how far does the station have left to go? And will they (we) make it?

Cohn believes in the station and its listeners and believes the community can — and will — rise to the occasion.

Three weeks in, KPLU has raised nearly $1 million. But there is much work to be done and little time to do it. You can find out how to help here.

We need all of your help in order to save KPLU. Here are some suggestions on how you can get involved: