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Sound Effect, Episode 15: For The Love Of The Game

"Sound Effect" is your weekly tour of ideas, inspired by the place we live. This week's show is hosted by KNKX's Kevin Kniestedt.

Each week's show explores a different theme, and this week, we play ball with ‘For the Love of the Game.’

The gaming industry rakes in quite a bit of money in our region and one couple that always wanted to make it big in show business finally made names for themselves as video game voices, we hear about how they finally leveled up, from KNKX's Ashley Gross.

What if the game you love, doesn’t love you back? That is what happened to Garrett Broshius, a former minor league baseball player and current lawyer who has pulled in members of all the MLB teams, including some of our own Mariners, to sue for wage theft.

What about the game of love? It’s hard enough for people to win at love themselves, but is it possible to win vicariously? Sophia Andreeva is the CEO and sole proprietor of Sophisticated Matchmaking on Mercer Island and she told KNKX students Samuel Horn and Austin Hilliker about what she does and doesn’t consider a win, when it comes to love.

And for more than three decades KNKX’s Ken Wiley has hosted ‘The Art Of Jazz’ and of his more than 1,500 shifts, he’s only ever missed 2. Kevin Kniestedt finds out what it is about jazz that keeps Ken so dedicated.

This week’s round table panelists are Nina Shapiro, Benjamin Romano and Jessica Partnow