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Our Guests' Picks For The 3 Most Underreported Stories Of The Week - April 11

Here are the three most underreported stories of the week according to the guests of our news roundtable: 

Kyle Stokes: Change In Federal Education Policy 

"Washington's Senator Patty Murry got together witht he republican chair of the education committee in the US Senate and they came up with a compromise to change No Child Left Behind.  And one of the pieces of that was that there would be a lot more flexibility granted to states in terms of how they judged how teachers in schools were doing, how they rated that using tests, and the statement that the republican put out is that this compromise 'should produce fewer and more appropriate tests.'"

Tonya Mosley: Coverage Of The Cell Phone Use In Cars Bill

"I was very much interested in what would happen with this bill regarding cell phone use in cars.  Prior to it making it to the legislature we'd heard so much about it.  We'd heard that because we all it's a big issue, people driving using their cell phones, not only just to talk .... I thought that this would definitely be a step forward in us having clearer language."

Josh Feit: Environmental Budget

"Here is this major environmental push by the governor, the leader of the democratic party, and the House democrats, where they have a majority, did not even put it in their budget."