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Our Guests' Picks For The 3 Most Underreported Stories Of The Week — March 14

Here are the three most underreported stories of the week, acording to the guests of our news roundtable:

Erica C. Barnett: Pay-day Loans in State Legislature

"There is a new bill that would essentially undo a bunch of reforms on short term pay-day loans."

"It's possible now that a $700 loan will cost you nearly $1,700 if you pay it all back on time.  And a lot of Democrats are supporting this and I think they need to be called out a little more than they have been."

Phyllis Fletcher: Kidnapping in Sprague 

"Part of the reason it even made it into the news as much as it did is that part of it was captured on video.  And the reason it was caught and did not go further than it did was because of children who chased this guy."

"That was one of those moments of realizing I don't get to know everything and the police do need to keep certain things not public while they have an active investigation going."


Berit Anderson: Ron Wyden Interview

"Oregon Senator Ryn Wyden was talking to Buzz Feed and they asked him if intelligence agencies have domestic surveillance programs that the public is still unaware of.  His response was, 'Yeah, there's plenty of stuff.'  But he declined to say anything more because he said it was all classified."

"It does tease that there is so much going on at a national level that affects us here locally around security and domestic surveillance right now.  So I think this Wyden comment is just like a window into this fact that there is a lot more going on that the public at large doesn't know about."