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Our Guests' Picks For The 3 Most Underreported Stories Of The Week — March 7


Here are the three most underreported stories of the week, according to the guests of our news roundtable:

Peter Robison: Forum On Anti-Gay Violence

"There was a forum this week on Capitol Hill about anti-gay violence and I just find it stunning that in Seattle in 2015 this is something we're talking about.” 

"One of the things that came out the forum was an idea to have a nighttime shuttle to get a lesbian and gay people home from Pike/Pine. If you've been in Seattle for a while it has shades of the Q patrol in the ninety's that had berets and combat boots modeled themselves after the guardian angels.”


Emily Parkhurst: The Possible Move Of Expedia 

"If Expedia leaves Bellevue that’s going to be a huge hit for the downtown corridor." 

"They’re talking, apparently, about moving to Seattle. We have spoken to their CFO who has confirmed they are considering leaving Bellevue, but they have no intention of leaving the Puget Sound region."  


Joanne Lisosky: The Passage Of SHB 1068

"I thought it was surprising that we didn’t get that much info about SHB-1068, a bill that passed the house on March 2 that mandates that rape kits must be tested."

"It mandates that something that police do routinely during accusations of rape, that they have to test them, they don’t just get to collect them.”