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So Long, Keith Seinfeld!

Justin Steyer

Just what's going on in this photo? Today is our health and science reporter Keith Seinfeld's last day, you see, and—we'll ask resident bard Dick Stein to explain:

See Keith Seinfeld and Gabriel Spitzer

Shoot their thoughts through a brain-content spritzer.

Though they share tinfoil hats

They’re not crazy like that

Though it helps if you’re workin’ here, mister.

After 15 years at KPLU, Keith is off to a new adventure at Public Health - Seattle & King County. And he's handing off the baton to our new health and science reporter Gabriel Spitzer, who has been covering the education beat here at KPLU. 

Keith has had a tremendous influence on our news department. He's never one to blow his own horn, but he is truly one of the great ones. He has won some of the most prestigious awards out there, but he has also quietly contributed so much to broadcast journalism, always aiming for the highest standards every day. He is considered, among other things, to be a journalist's journalist. That is a rare thing.

As we bid farewell to Keith, we wanted to take a look back at some of his most memorable stories:

1. Dueling messages call marijuana 'benign' and risky'

2. Dispatchers; CPR coaching saves lives when every minute counts

3. Horse-inspired mechanical legs helping stroke patients walk again

4. Seattle's mentally ill on streets helped by 'roaming counselor' 

5. The electric brain series

Our hats off to you, Keith! You'll be missed.