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Whose spaceship would you ride into outer space?

After writing about the latest developments in space travel yesterday, I wondered whose ship I would want to ride and automatically saw myself in Jeff Bezos' ship the New Sheppard. Upon reflection, I just liked the retro-scifi style of it. Although, blowing up did come to mind.

What ship would you take into space?

The competition

Company: Virgin Galactic
Ship: SpaceShipTwo
Owner: Richard Branson
Ship: 2 Crew, 6 Passengers, 60ft length & 27ft width & 15ft height, 1 liquid/solid hybrid rocket engine with air launch
Ticket Price: $200,000


Company: Blue Origin
Ship: New Sheppard
Founder: Jeff Bezos
Ship: 3+ Passengers/Crew, Rocket powered ground launch (Propulsion module and Crew capsule separate after launch)
Ticket Price: ??


Company: Stratolaunch Systems
Ship: Stratolaunch
Founder: Paul Allen
Ship: Launch aircraft carrier (Boeing 747s), Multistage Booster for spacecraft
Ticket Price: ??


Company: Rocketship Tours
Ship: The Lynx
Owner: XCOR
Ship: 1 Crew, 1 Passenger, 4 kerosene/liquid oxygen rocket engines with ground launch
Ticket Price: $95,000