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KPLU observations during a snow day in Seattle

KPLU staff share their observations of wandering through the snow storm in Seattle.

KPLU's Law & Justice Reporter Paula Wissel:

I walked to work from Lower Queen Anne. At the base of the Counterbalance, a very steep hill which is always a popular sledding spot, a cop car was parked next to the Road Closed sign. A man with a snowboard walked up to the cop and asked, "Can I snowboard down the hill?"

The cop answered, "No, you cannot." The man then asked, "Will you give me a ticket?" The cop responded, "No, I will not."

By the way, all of the TV satellite trucks were waiting at the bottom to capture pictures of people sledding down. It can be quite dangerous. One year, I saw someone almost careen into a parked car at the bottom of the hill.

Last night, I stopped by Metropolitan Market around 6 p.m.

There were unusually long lines at all the check out counters. One employee joked that, "it's as if we won't be selling groceries tomorrow."

The bread shelves were severely depleted. I got one of the last loaves of French bread. The checker told me that her boss had gotten an e-mail from a customer saying QFC ran out of meat. (I don't have confirmation of that, but it was pretty clear people were stocking up.)

Tom Paulson of KPLU's Humanosphere took this video of kids (and the young at heart) at Seattle's Woodland Park:

News Director, Erin Hennessey:

Walking to work this morning from Seattle's Queen Anne Hill to downtown was filled with all sorts of surprises. For one, it was beautifully quiet. I heard wind chimes, people sweeping off their porches, and children laughing as they slid down hilly side streets.

I saw only a  few cars navigating the main roads, along with some skiers, walkers, and the occasional bicycle.

The most dramatic thing I saw was at Seattle Center. There were big clumps of snow rolling off the top of the Space Needle. Construction workers with orange hard hats stood nearby shouting at people like me to watch out.

I also liked what I found at the international fountain. Someone had drawn a smiley face on the center dome where water usually comes out of. It looked so cute - kind of like a happy alien!

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