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Arrests made at peaceful Occupy Eugene protest

Protestors in front of Umpqua Bank in Eugene, Ore.
Protestors in front of Umpqua Bank in Eugene, Ore.

Seventeen people, including one juvenile, were arrested Thursday in downtown Eugene as part of what police say was non-violent civil disobedience.

Organizer Kristen Carpenter spoke in favor of the nationwide effort to shine a light on corporate greed.

"The power of the people is unstoppable. You can't stop an idea and you can't stop the pursuit of justice and freedom. No matter what they do to us anywhere, everywhere, we will fight back and we will win, because we're the majority," Carpenter said.

The Occupy Eugene movement marched to five banks in the downtown area, several of which closed in advance, knowing the protesters were coming.

About 200 people have been camped in Eugene's Washington Jefferson Park for the last two weeks in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street.