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Atheist group launches ad campaign on Spokane buses

Courtesy of United Coalition of Reason

A coalition of atheist groups in Spokane is trying to get the word out to other atheists who might feel they’re on their own. This week the group launched an ad campaign on public buses and at the Spokane County Fair.

Thomas J. Brown is the president of the Spokane Secular Society. He says the blue ads on the buses say, "Are you good without God? Millions are."

"They were on the buses on Monday morning, and I went down on my lunch break to take some pictures," Brown says. "There were actually three in a row. That was pretty amazing to me because there are only 11 buses and so see three in a row with all the thousands of busses that was pretty amazing."

Brown says the ads are designed to let others know they are not alone. According to the PEW Forum On Religion and Public Life, nationwide, 16 percent of Americans describe themselves as unaffiliated, and about four percent describe themselves as atheist or agnostic.

Brown says in Spokane and the surrounding area, there are about 500 people who belong to atheist groups. The ad campaign ends Sept. 25th and was paid for by the United Coalition of Reason.

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