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Llama viciously attacks elderly woman at B.C. petting zoo

The owner of the Langley, B.C., petting zoo where the attack occurred said nothing like it had happened before.

The Llama at the Langley, British Columbia, petting zoo was probably after some grain France Pilotte, 75, had in her backpack when it reared up, knocked her to the ground and stomped on her, according to The Vancouver Sun.

“She fell on her back, a little sideways on her hips. She never moved after that,” said one witness, Christine Pendleton, who was outside the enclosure, watching with three young children as the incident unfolded on July 28.

Sandy Philpott told the Sun that her mother, who was still in the hospital a week after the attack, was also trampled.

“We could hear her bones shatter as she was crushed beneath it,” said Philpott. “I knew that it was very serious.”

Two goats then ran over and tried to stand on top of her mother, Philpott added, and she had to pull at them by the horns to get them away.

Farm owner Alf Krause told The Sun that this is the first time anyone has been hurt at the petting zoo.