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Man sentenced for violent attack on Mexican American teen in Skagit County


A white Skagit County man who pleaded guilty to felony charges in an attack against a Mexican American teen is likely to spend at least a decade in prison.

Skagit County Judge Thomas Verge sentenced Trevor McCabe to 11½ years in prison and three years of supervision. The charges against McCabe included assault and theft with a firearm.

In March 2020, McCabe attacked Joel Linares Salgado, who was 17 years old at the time, near his home in Burlington and left the teen with near-fatal injuries and persistent memory problems. The assailant, a teenager at the time, uploaded video of the incident to the social media platform Snapchat. It shows him kicking and yelling racial slurs at Salgado. At one point, the attacker can be seen holding a loaded shotgun.

Skagit County Prosecutor Branden Platter says that even with earned good time, McCabe, 20, will remain in custody for at least a decade.

Salgado’s relatives say they’re grateful McCabe will not be free to hurt anyone else. 

To protect the victim, Judge Verge also issued a lifelong no contact order as part of McCabe's sentencing. 

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