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University Of Washington Virus Researcher Faces Discipline

University of Washington
The University of Washington says Dr. Michael Katze faces possible discipline for violating sexual harassment policies.

The University of Washington says a microbiology professor faces possible discipline for violating sexual harassment policies.

As detailed in a report on BuzzFeed this week, university investigations found Dr. Michael Katze demanded and received sexual favors from an employee in his lab. Investigators found that the woman, who had little prior job experience and performed little work in the office, was paid 12 percent more than the university's average for her position, and received gifts and vacations from the professor.

Another former employee also said she felt pressured to engage in sexual relations with him for fear of losing her job.

University spokesman Norm Arkans says Katze was placed on home assignment during the investigation, and the matter is now in the faculty disciplinary process. Arkans called Katze's conduct inappropriate.

Katze's lawyer, Jon Rosen, called the allegations "false and salacious" and said he expects his client to be exonerated.

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