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Washington Pot Users May Get to Grow Their Own

Elaine Thompson

Recreational pot is legal in Washington, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to procure. New legislation could change that by making it legal to “grow your own.”

In Oregon, you can grow four plants. In Alaska, Colorado and D.C. the number is six. But here, that number is zero.

Unless you have a medical marijuana card and are willing to enter a database, which to be legal, patients will be required to do beginning in July.

Outgoing State Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles is circulating a bill that would make it legal for anyone to grow up to six plants for personal use.

“This would provide a very easy, a very detectable way for law enforcement to ensure that the growing that is taking place, whatever the purpose is —for recreational, medical or whaterver — is within the law,” she said.

Kohl-Welles says the law would apply to adults 21 and older. Only one adult per household could home-grow, and you could possess up to eight ounces at a time.