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All Things Rejiggered: Dave Steps Out, Ed Takes Over

KPLU File Photo

As you might have heard, KPLU's longtime All Things Considered host, Dave Meyer, is stepping down from the show. You'll still be able to hear him hosting on Weekend EditionSunday, beginning in mid-May. 

Starting Monday (May 4th), Ed Ronco will be KPLU's new All Things Considered host. 

Dave has been a presence at KPLU for more than 25 years, but as he told Ed in a recent conversation, his love of radio goes back much further. 

"My parents tell me ever since I was a little kid I would grab a stick and pretend to was a microphone," Dave explained to Ed. "The bug bit me at a very early age."

Ed, who came to Seattle by way of Sitka, Alaska public radio, has been a Morning Edition producer and contributor to Sound Effect. 

Credit KPLU File Photo
Ed Ronco, KPLU's new host of All Things Considered

He said the small staff at the remote, panhandle station required reporters to learn "a little bit of everything."

This included emergency maintenance. "In one particular instance we got knocked off the air in the middle of the day and I was the only person there," Ed recalled.  

Panicked, he called the engineer who was home with the flu. "He told me to take a broom and run outside and sweep the snow out of the satellite dish."