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Morning Fog, But No Rain And Lots Of Sunshine Through Halloween

Tim Durkan
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“Perfect fall weather,” is in store through the end of the month in the greater Puget Sound region, says KNKX weather expert Cliff Mass.

Halloween should offer ideal conditions for trick or treaters. Expect dry skies and warmer than normal temperatures, with some low clouds and morning fog this weekend. After that, a dramatic shift is in store, so enjoy it while you can.

“The big story is high pressure and how that’s going to hang around at least five or six days,“ says Mass, who teaches atmospheric sciences at the University of Washington.  

“Gorgeous” Friday

On Friday morning, Mass said a big high pressure system over the region was eliminating any chance of precipitation.

“We have a little bit of fog and low clouds in a few of the lower spots around Puget Sound, but a lot of people have sunshine now,” he said.  

Along with sun, the high pressure was also expected to deliver warm temperatures.

“Getting up into the mid-60s for some locations, so it’s going to be an absolutely gorgeous day,” Mass said.

Still Sunny But Gradual Cooling This Weekend

Mass says that high pressure system will continue to dominate over the weekend, but it will slowly shift out into the Pacific Ocean.

“And when it does that, it’ll keep us dry. But it will also lessen the chance of getting fog and low clouds,” Mass said. “So, it’ll be sunnier, but as the high pressure shifts off, we’ll get a little more northerly winds and the temperatures will fall.”

He says Saturday’s high temps will likely fall to the lower 60. Sunday and Monday will see highs only in the upper 50s.

“So we’re going to see a slow drift to cooler temperatures, but still loads of sun, absolutely spectacular weekend. You couldn’t have a better fall weekend,” Mass said.

Sunny And Dry Till Wednesday

Mass says the high pressure and clear skies will continue until Wednesday. Then a radical change is in store.

“I’m afraid the bottom drops out,” Mass says.  “An upper level trough, a strong one, is going to be coming down, from British Columbia and Alaska. And this is the classic pattern to really cool us off and get us wetter. So, as we get into Thursday and Friday, we’ll have a 180 degree shift of clouds, precipitation and much, much cooler temperatures."

Mass says the snow level could even drop to 1000 feet.  

“So, enjoy the next 5-6 days. This is what you got and then it turns,” he said.  

To hear the full conversation, including a discussion of why this is the foggiest time of year in the Northwest, you can click on the 'play' icon at the top of this post. 

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