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Tiny Desk Premiere: Yasser Tejeda

To listen to Yasser Tejeda's music is to hear the past, present and future.

He is a gifted guitar player originally from the Dominican Republic and a graduate of the acclaimed Berklee College of Music. As you can see and hear in his turn behind the Tiny Desk, Tejeda is intentional about drawing on his ancestral background, his studies and his musical vision in his work. He deftly combines traditional Dominican music with jazz and rock in performances that move the hips as well as minds.

According to his notes prepared for this performance, "En El Naranjo" and "Amor Congo" are based on a traditional Dominican rhythm called "congos del espiritu de santo de Villa Mella." "La Vereda" is a fusion of a traditional style called "Sarandunga de Baní" with rock and jazz, while "Todo Va A Marchar" is his exploration of Congolese guitar and kompa from Haiti mixed with Dominican merengue.

There will not be a quiz given after you watch this performance, but the music of Yasser Tejeda and his talented band resonates so much more when you consider the history behind the passion of the performances.


  • "En El Naranjo"
  • "Amor Congo"
  • "La Vereda"
  • "Todo Va A Marchar"


  • Yasser Tejeda: vocals, electric guitar
  • Kyle Miles: bass, vocals
  • Jonathan "Jblak" Troncoso: drums, congas, maracas, vocals 
  • Francis Peña: drums, maracas, vocals
  • Mario Castro: tenor sax, keyboards 


  • Producer: Felix Contreras
  • Director/Editor: Maia Stern
  • Audio Technical Director: Kwesi Lee
  • Host/Series Producer: Bobby Carter
  • Videographers: Maia Stern, Joshua Bryant, Kara Frame
  • Audio Engineer: Neil Tevault
  • Production Assistant: Elle Mannion
  • Photographer: Michael Zamora
  • Tiny Desk Team: Hazel Cills, Ashley Pointer
  • Executive Producer: Suraya Mohamed
  • Series Creators: Bob Boilen, Stephen Thompson
  • VP, Visuals and Music: Keith Jenkins

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Felix Contreras is co-creator and host of Alt.Latino, NPR's pioneering radio show and podcast celebrating Latin music and culture since 2010.