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Since 2005, KNKX's School of Jazz has provided mentorship, learning and performance opportunities to Western Washington middle school, high school and college jazz students. A cornerstone of the station's signature community outreach program, it has directly impacted thousands of jazz students, band directors and professional musicians. School of Jazz is sponsored by BECU.

School of Jazz: Jonah Elbaum serves as guest DJ


Trumpeter Jonah Elbaum from West Seattle High School will take over Evening Jazz with Abe Beeson tonight at 8 p.m. (Aug. 6) as guest DJ. He is a junior and in the school's jazz band. He is also an aspiring filmmaker. Listen to his show and read his Q&A. 

Which instrument do you play and why?
I play the trumpet. And to be completely honest, I started playing it because it looked the easiest. Boy was I mistaken. But now, I don’t think I would have chosen any other instrument. I love it so much.

What’s your all-time favorite jazz piece?
"Fables of Faubus" is my favorite jazz piece. It has so much going on and the chaos never stops. The kind of songs that start to go a little crazy and have everyone solo at the same time are really my favorite because it’s fun to try to listen to each specific player. 

Who is your jazz hero?
I don’t know if I would think of him as my hero, but Arturo Sandoval really knocks my socks off every time I hear him. His range and control is something I would kill for. It’s so good. 

Why jazz?
I love being able to listen to the music and realize how free everyone is. I feel like jazz, more then any other genre of music can let you feel free, especially when people are playing how they like. Also, you just can’t beat the energy of a jazz band.


"Track B Duete Solo Dancers" Charles Mingus (Black Saint & Sinner Lady)

"Tutti for Cootie" Duke Ellington (The Great Paris Concert)

"One For My Baby" Frank Sinatra (Sinatra at the Sands)

"Blues for Charlie" Joshua Redman/Ron Miles (Still Dreaming)

"Overture (from Whiplash)" Justin Hurwitz (Whiplash Soundtrack)

"Orange Colored Sky" Nat King Cole (The Nat King Cole Story)

"O.P. Jebediah" The Dip (The Dip)

"It's Oh, So Nice" Count Basie (Straight Ahead)

"Fables of Faubus" Charles Mingus (Gunslinging Bird)

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