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'Triple chrome-plated and made in the finest tradition'

Nancy Leson
Seattle Times

So says the Hostess company of its frozen food saw. I hadn't known there even was a tradition for frozen food saws. I do know that the Hostess company would never exaggerate, so probably the tradition they mean is that of medieval surgical tools. 

That's a pretty nice haul of retro kitchen gear Nancy brought back from her mother-in-law's apartment in Chicago. Don't you find the Eat and Grow Slim booklet especially poignant? And of course, what household today could possibly muddle through without a set of Loxley pastry forks? Are we peasants?

What prized kitchen gear have you inherited? Do tell. 

Q:"Who was that ladle I saw you with last night?"

A: "That was no ladle; that was my knife."

– Ancient Roman proverb

Dick Stein has been with KNKX since January, 1992. His duties include hosting the morning jazz show and co-hosting and producing the Food for Thought feature with the Seattle Times’ Nancy Leson. He was writer and director of the three Jimmy Jazzoid live radio musical comedies and 100 episodes of Jazz Kitchen. Previous occupations include the USAF, radio call-in show host, country, classical and top-40 DJ, chimney sweep, window washer and advertising copywriter.