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Video: Local hiphop artist's tribute to Pho … it don't rhyme with yo

Seattle hip hop artist DJ Sabzi has a new project celebrating a Northwest favorite: The Vietnamese noodle soup called pho. In his song (see video below), he makes sure we know how to pronounce this special soup, telling us that "it don't rhyme with yo!"

DJ Sazi is one half of the popular group Blue Scholars which has created a line of posters, buttons, stickers and chopsticks in tribute to the soup. Sabzi funded the project through a kickstarter campaign. He raised $9,000 toward the project with a music video filmed at the Pho Bac restaurant in Seattle.

Sabzi also sings about the medicinal qualities of this fragrant soup. It's good advice during these winter months when it seems like every other person you meet has a cold.

"Home at the crib, stuffy head with a cold, take the chicken noodle soup can and through it out, bro. You're under the weather bo-bo, you need this hit, a boiling broth full of beef brisket."