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State Offers Grant Money To Protect Oregon’s Drinking Water

Angela Kellner/ KLCC

The state is seeking new ways – and partnerships – to help protect Oregon’s drinking water.

Nitrates, petroleum, blue-green algae, bacteria … not things you want in your drinking water. The state is offering money to government agencies, tribal nations and non-profits who can take on projects to tackle pollution sources. This includes runoff from agriculture, logging, landscaping and more.

“You know, these activities that affect water quality in our streams, our drinking water and groundwater.”
Ivan Camacho with the Department of Environmental Quality says the state is divided into three regions – western, northwestern and eastern.

“In each region we’ll have different priorities of funding, but nevertheless, they all address the management plan that the state has set up. And we update this plan every ten years to every 12 years.”

Applications for the DEQ grant money are due January 13th.