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Jordan Cove : Decision On Gas Export License Could Come This Week (script)

The boom in natural gas drilling in the U.S. has led a handful of companies to propose liquefying the gas for export. one project in Oregon could be close to a decision on its export license.

The project, called Jordan Cove, is ambitious.
A 230 mile pipeline would carry natural gas from the Rockies under the Rogue River, over the Siskyou mountains, and to the coast. The gas would be liquefied at a terminal in Coos Bay.
Ships would carry the liquid energy to markets in Asia and Europe. Bob Braddock is the project manager.
He expects to hear this week if the Department of Energy is granting Jordan Cove its export license.
But the project faces legal challenges. Oregon Attorney General John Kroger has filed a motion questioning the need for the pipeline.
Spokesman Tony Green says the project has the potential to harm Oregon’s environment and economy.

“Exporting liquefied natural gas will actually lead to increased prices for natural gas for industrial as well as residential users.”

The only existing natural gas export facility on the west coast is in Alaska, and it’s shutting down.
In Medford Oregon, I’m Amelia Templeton.