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State, Seattle hit recycling milestones

Bert van Dijk
Washington residents recycle more than 100 million pounds of electronics.

Washington officials say residents have recycled more than 100 million pounds since the state's electronics recycling program began in January 2009.

In Seattle, residents have hit an all-time high in recycling of all products, according to the City of Seattle’s annual recycling report to be released Wednesday.

Mayor Mike McGinn will celebrate the city's achievement at the home of a typical Seattle recycling family, where they will show how Seattle became among the greenest cities in the nation and announce the numbers.

A state law in 2006 required manufacturers who sell TVs, computers and monitors in Washington to pay for and run a free program for recycling those products. The Department of Ecology oversees the program.

About 3.3 million pounds are collected on average each month, with large, bulky TVs making up nearly two-thirds of that amount.