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Yom Hashoah: Holocaust Remembrance Day

Remembering the 6 million Jewish people and the millions of Non-Jewish peoplemurdered in the Holocaust. THE PROGRAM INCLUDES: Ingrid and Maud: A Holocaust Story of a Rescuer and the Rescued Featuring special guests Ingrid Steppic and Maud Dahme. Ingrid and Maud met when they were young girls - one Jewish and seeking refuge from the Nazis, the other part of a family helping to hide Jewish people. Join us for a live conversation with these two women for Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. Candle Lighting Bring a candle and turn on your camera to join community candle lighting ceremony. Followed by guest speaker Rabbi Tamar Malino of Spokane's Temple Beth Shalom. Remembering as a Community Let us know who you are remembering/honoring on this Day of Remembrance so that we can acknowledge them during the program. You will have the option of including a name (or names) when you register for the event.

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