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"Small Business Saturday" winners from our 2023 Fall Fund Drive

During KNKX’s Fall Fund Drive, we asked listeners to support the station with a monthly “sustaining” gift. More than 900 folks stepped up, and we are so appreciative for their support.

Along with the support of many individuals, KNKX is incredibly fortunate to have the support of local businesses. With a goal of supporting our community and these local businesses that make our region unique and vibrant, we continued our tradition of featuring “Small Business Saturday” during this drive.

On that day, listeners had the option to nominate a small business when they made their sustaining gift. Three businesses were drawn at random from those nominated, and we are excited to offer them $2,000 worth of messaging and sponsorship on the KNKX airwaves!

The winners are:

Congratulations to these three businesses and thank you to all the new Sustainers who participated in Small Business Saturday when you made your gift!