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Oregon And Washington Health Care Organizations Merge

<p>The front of a Zoom+Care facility in Portland.</p>

Kristian Foden-Vencil

The front of a Zoom+Care facility in Portland.

Two local health organizations — PeaceHealth and Zoom+Care — announced a merger Tuesday.

Vancouver-based PeaceHealth is acquiring Portland-based Zoom+Care for an undisclosed sum; however, the purchase won’t alter the structure of either company. Their customers likely won’t notice any difference.

Zoom+Care will keep its name, its clinics, its board of directors and its 425 employees. Company co-founder Dr. Dave Sanders said they talked to several hospital systems but were happiest with PeaceHealth.

“Most hospitals sort of wanted to feed their high-profit hospital centers with Zoom patients. PeaceHealth, they were investing in the future. They wanted to understand how to use the platform, to build relationships and ultimately provide care more affordably,” said Sanders.

“We found in PeaceHealth a shared vision and recognition that health care is continually evolving with increasing preferences for on-demand care. PeaceHealth and ZOOM+Care both aim to create a magnetic consumer experience, provide superb clinical results and help make healthcare more accessible and affordable."

PeaceHealth CEO Liz Dunne said the merger will give consumers more choice in how they receive care — whether it be a PeaceHealth hospital or by using a phone app to get a quick visit at a Zoom+Care neighborhood clinic. 

“The addition of Zoom to PeaceHealth’s networks accelerates our vision of ensuring greater healthcare accessibility and affordability in our communities while increasing our ability to meet the on-demand needs of today’s consumer,” said Dunne.

“What is so exciting about this relationship is the complementary nature of our organizations and our shared passion for being the stewards of our communities’ health and well-being.”

The acquisition is expected to close Dec. 31, 2018.

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