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Interns' Choice: Our Favorite Music Of 2018

Neha Dharkar

Out of earshot of our bosses, over reheated rice and beans, the NPR Music interns have our own conversations about the music we love. And when it came time for year-end lists, we thought we ought to have a bigger say.

So today, at the end of our time here at NPR, we shove our Tupperware aside in the name of interns' choice: our favorite music that came up again and again during lunch conversations and after-work happy hours.

Many of our favorites did find a place on NPR Music's year-end lists, and our bosses covered several of the artists below throughout the year. But other cherished gems were overlooked, including two heartfelt debuts from Justine Skye and Camila Cabello, along with flawless singles from Juana Molina, Raquel Sofia and Hundred Waters.

So heat up some leftovers and settle in — the interns have the mic.

Shuffle a mix of our songs and cuts from our top albums.

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