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Bill To Avert Government Shutdown Survives Test Vote In The Senate

The Senate has voted to advance a bill that would keep the government funded through Dec. 11 and doesn't include any provisions to defund Planned Parenthood.

The bill secured the required 60 cloture votes to limit debate and prevent a filibuster. The Senate is expected to approve the bill itself, and send it to the House before the Thursday deadline when next fiscal year begins.

NPR's Ailsa Change reports for the Newscast unit:

"Fears of a government shutdown have dissipated this week. Now that House Speaker John Boehner's going to be leaving at the end of October, he's free to rely on Democrats to help push through must-pass legislation without sparking a leadership crisis.

"So now, both chambers of Congress are poised to pass a stopgap spending bill that will contain money for Planned Parenthood. Anti-abortion conservatives looking to keep the heat on the group will be intensifying their probes into the organization.

"Meanwhile, the spending fight will return in mid-December, when this short-term funding bill runs out. Democrats want to raise caps for domestic programs. But Republicans are more interested in raising caps only for defense spending."

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