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Poll: Wash. drivers more likely to leave note than Ore. drivers

Do you leave a note if you hit an unattended car?

Washington drivers are more likely to leave a note than their Oregon counterparts, according to a new poll conducted by PEMCO Insurance.

The confidential poll found Washington drivers leave a note with their contact information 67 percent of the time, while Oregon drivers fess up only 53 percent of the time.

“We don’t know what to make of the difference between answers from Portland and Washington drivers. Maybe that’s best left to psychologists,” said Jon Osterberg, PEMCO spokesperson.

The poll also found Washington drivers are more likely to call 911 following a collision that results in injuries. Fifty six percent of Washington drivers reported making the call while 39 percent of Oregon drivers reported doing the same. But Oregon drivers were more likely to file a non-emergency collision report within a day of the crash (69 percent), compared to Washington drivers (52 percent).