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Anarchists launch fundraising campaign to help Bill's, Sun Liquor

Aaron Hushagen
The smashed glass door of Sun Liquor is seen in this photo.

Anarchists have launched a fundraising campaign in an effort to help pay for the damages two Capitol Hill businesses incurred during this year’s May Day riot.

The campaign, called “Smash the State: Just Not Bill’s,” says its aim is to be “mending fences (or more accurately, windows), within the community,” specifically Bills Off Broadway and Sun Liquor, both of which were vandalized during the anti-capitalism march.

“The destruction visited upon both Bill’s and Sun Liquors was not, in our view, a meaningful blow to the powers that be but rather an unfortunate piece of collateral damage,” the campaign’s website said. “We regret that Bill’s Off Broadway and Sun Liquors, both small, local establishments were caught in the chaotic crossfire instead of NikeTown or another Walgreen’s-esque giant.”

But the campaign is not meant as an apology, said its organizers who call themselves “some anarchists/the benefit crew.” Rather, its sentiment is closer to: “This is an I’m sorry you feel that way, can we still be friends?” the site said.

The campaign, with a fundraising goal of $2,500 and 29 days left to go, had not raised any money by 4 p.m. Friday.

The group said it was working to organize a “benefit show that already has the sympathies of four bands” so far. All proceeds from the show would benefit the two affected businesses, the group said. A time and location had not yet been set.