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Deadly Explosions Hit Bombay Commuter Trains

BOMBAY, India (AP) -- Seven bombs hit Bombay's commuter rail network during rush hour Tuesday evening, killing as many as 100 people and wounding 250 in what authorities called a well-coordinated attack.

India's major cities were put on high alert after the blasts.

Chaos engulfed the crowded rail network in India's financial capital following the blasts that ripped apart train compartments as authorities struggled to treat the wounded amid heavy monsoon downpours. Doors and windows were blown off the train cars, and luggage and debris were strewn across the tracks.

Police Chief A.N. Roy said on Indian television that an estimated 100 people were killed and more than 250 were wounded.

"We are busy in the rescue operation. Our first priority is to rescue the injured people," he said.

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